Saturday, August 25, 2012

Garage Sale Find!


Yesterday I found out about a quilter who was moving to a new home, and had to downsize her quilting stash, so she held a garage sale today.   Bad news for her, great news for the community!  Great news?  Yes!  She was selling her yardage for between $3-$4 per yard!  I haven’t been buying much fabric lately, unless it’s for a specific project.  I don’t have much more room for new fabric, unless it has a specific purpose; that way, it won’t be sticking around! 

About half of this fabric is for a fabric swap I signed up for at guild, and the other half is for a new shadow box quilt I just had a bug to start cutting for; I saw a photo of one on my Stashbusters Yahoo group albums and a tutorial.  While I’ve been cutting 2” charms for my PSQ, I figured it would be easy enough to cut the 8.5” charms I need for that quilt, too. pineapple-wall-hanging

And look what else I found at the yard sale!  It’s a gorgeous round robin wall hanging that was started in 1995…I even got the label they made!…and I’ve even got ideas on how to finish it.  Wool batting and feathers are in its future!


And here’s a close-up of the middle:


I also went shopping at the local yarn shop today.  Unfortunately, The Yarn Shoppe in Meridian is closing, so they’re having a sale.  I got way too much great stuff.  I won’t need to spend money on craft projects for a long, long time!

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Judy said...

Oh, happy day, new fabric AND yarn!! It sounds like you found some great things, especially the quilt top. Enjoy yourself :-)

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