Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's here!

What a busy two weeks! I went to Innovations, the machine quilting conference and quilt show in Tacoma, WA and had a blast! I met some really wonderful ladies and learned a lot. And, since the Innova arrived the day before I left, there has been no chance to set it up until now.

Yesterday was the day, and it was a long one. Well, I'm still not done, either. We put in 9 hours together and then my DH went downstairs to start grilling and I worked on getting the dragging sound out of the wheels as it rides on the carriage. Took some doing, as it seems that it would do it where the bolts were inserted so there was the back and forth of "is this too tight, maybe loosen that one, no, tighten it back up".

Space is another issue, as it always is when you are talking about a substantial piece of furniture. My sewing room is a 10' x 20' bonus room over the garage. I started out sparingly with my sewing table, fabric, and cutting table. Eventually I started filling the space as I started fabric dyeing, put up a design wall, put in a wall mounted TV , and eventually added a loveseat .

I bought the 12' frame so I can do large quilts. I mean really large, as the first quilt I made was 109" x 129". Some people say that you need a 14' table for something that large, but this one was quilted on a 12' frame so I'm pretty comfortable with this decision. It is essentially a bedspread for a king size bed, and I love it. Someone else quilted it for me, and she did a great job, but I wanted to do it myself. Thus, the journey began.

So, this morning we are going to finish up, but I just couldn't resist putting up a picture of the results of yesterday's work. Now, I'm going to have to figure out where to put the rest of my sewing room!


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