Monday, February 24, 2014

Pass The Bag

Bento-darkYou’d think I’d learn, right?

I don’t need another project and I certainly don’t need another commitment (does anyone?)  So what did I do?  I signed up to participate in a Pass The Bag project with my small group from work!

It just looked so simple and like so much fun!  We narrowed down our choices between a Disappearing Nine Patch and a Bento Box pattern.  Both are really easy to make, and the base blocks are great blocks for new quilters, and we have a new quilter in our midst.  What better way to get started?

Have you seen either one of these patterns?  The Disappearing Nine patch uses a nine patch and the Bento Box uses a center square surrounded by 2 additional strips.  The Bento-lightBento Block is typically made in pairs, with each block using the colors in the reverse areas of the other block.  For instance the dark center is surrounded by light, followed by the dark color on the outside.  The light color is used in the center on the next block, surrounded by dark, followed by light again.  Both blocks are then made by cutting the block into quarters and swapping two corners with the corners of another block.

I created a Bento Box board and a Disappearing Nine Patch board on Pinterest with examples that I really like, check them out if my description isn’t making sense!

DSCF7855You know how the makeover shows all promote blue and green as spa-like and calming?  Well, I decided to go with teal blue and green, inspiration from the calm colors in the ocean we saw during our trip.  I’m planning to make it into a king sized quilt, so DH and I had to agree on colors.  The photos of my blocks don’t quite reflect their true colors, so I’ll post additional blocks as I make them and hopefully I’ll have a better representation.

I’ve gotten the blocks made for the first bag and purchased fabric for the additional blocks I’ll need to make this quilt bigger.  Let’s get this party started!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Need a Break!

My work life has been extremely challenging lately, and of course that stress spreads to everything else.  It’s been so bad I haven’t even wanted to sew or knit, and I’ve been so tired I haven’t been able to get up in the morning to work out before work.  Now, that’s stress!

20140208_163832So, just as I was thinking that I was turning the corner, getting everything under control….. a teenager with a new learner's permit hit my new-to-me car in the parking lot while I was inside the local yarn shop.  No injuries to either the driver or her mother, who was visibly shaken and who came and found me in the shop to make sure I got all of their insurance information.

So now the car that needs to be fixed and insurance needs to be dealt with.

And I only just made the first car payment....

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