Monday, January 24, 2011

Sew close!

I am *sew* close to having some finished tops!

I thought I was ready to put borders on the flannel quilt, but I measured and I need another row, then I can add the borders.

I found some border fabric for the 10 Minute Block throw, so just have to add those.

And, I went and bought more flannel to make another flannel quilt!  Yes, the goal was, and still is, to get that flannel stash used up, but I am making them for my nieces, so it’s not stash building!  At least, that’s the plan for now.  And they can’t both have the same quilt!  Not only that, a lot of the flannel I have left has baby prints and that is not really appropriate for a 7 year old, will be 8 year old by the time she gets the quilt.  So, I took advantage of the 50% off sale at JoAnn’s to add more variety and get the backs for both quilts.

I also took in a gorgeous customer quilt on Sunday, and can’t wait to see it finished!

What’s prompting me to clear out my stash is that I want to re-organize and/or remodel the Quilt Cave.  So I’m looking over my stash and feeling very blessed.

Dreams.  Oh, the dreams!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pre-Design Studio III webinar–today!

I signed up for the free Pre-Design Studio III webinar today.  It starts at 7 CET, which is 11 am MST here in Boise.

I’m pretty excited about it, because I took the demonstration class for Pre-Design Studio II at Innovations in September and eventually bought the software.  However, because of being in school, and the fact that I knew I was going to get a new computer and didn’t want to have to re-register the software, I didn’t install it right away; in fact, I just got it installed and activated about 3 weeks ago.  Have I used it?  No.

I then saw the notification that there was an upgrade!  What?!?  I was really disappointed until I saw that one of the new features was to be able to export the file to a format that can be used on a computerized quilting machine or other software!  And the best part?  It was only a $26 cost to upgrade!!  YES!!

So, I’m really excited about attending this webinar, so I can quickly re-familiarize myself with the software and start working on making some original pantographs.  I even have a photo in mind to start with.

There’s still time if you want to attend, but you’ll have to sign up here:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tomorrow Should Be Sunday!

I set my intentions to enjoy each and every moment this weekend, but I still need more weekend!

I spent time with a friend of mine, who offered to sew up a bunch of the fabrics I cut to make more of the 10-minute blocks.  She had a computer problem, which we solved, and she also shared some of her sewing room organizational tips with me.

Afterwards, I attended the Organizing Your Sewing Room seminar that Karen held at Quilt Expressions on Saturday.

Do you see a theme here?  Open-mouthed smile  I’m not one to set New Year’s resolutions, but I have recently gotten the organizational bug.  So, yes, I am wanting to do something in my sewing room. 

The “something” is find more space and/or better utilize the space I have.  While I feel blessed to have the 10’ x 20’ bonus room over the garage serving as my Quilt Cave, I feel I could utilize the space better.  I’ve had a contractor over to look at it to see what ideas he has, and I’ve received a reply to my email inquiry from a local custom furniture maker, whom I need to call back.  Now I need to develop a “bubble diagram” to figure out what my work centers are so I can prioritize my tasks and figure out what is needed where, before I start tearing everything apart.

This is probably connected to the other projects I’ve started, namely re-arranging items and clearing off long forgotten residents from my office desk.  After working on it most of the afternoon, I can actually see the Formica on the desk top!!  It’s not finished, and I still have a couple of very large piles to go through, but now I have a space in which to work!  It’s actually comfortable to sit at my desk!

I’m a terrible procrastinator, which is part of why this has become such a problem.  I am determined to develop better habits so that I don’t have to spend my precious sewing time cleaning up my messes.  Putting it off doesn’t make it go away, and I just have to remember that!

Now that I have an almost cleaned off desk, it feels like tomorrow should be Sunday!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Great Start to 2011…!!

Wanna know what I did on my vacation??

Since Thursday, I have been busting my stash!  Oh, I did visit Country Quilter to take advantage of their 40% off sale, although I did bring home ONE 3 yard purchase for which I do not currently have a purpose, but I do have an idea!  And it is right up my alley in all it’s dark fuscia pink glory!!  My intention was pure, though…my purpose for going was for in-progress or planned projects which are to be made in the next 2 months, namely the Vandal quilt.  Hey, I don’t have much gold and black, what can I say!?!  Winking smile

I got the gold and black fabric washed up, but haven’t cut any more of it…I got tired of all those small pieces, so I distracted myself:10min-floral-purple

  1. I started the 10 Minute Block and finished most of the quilt! 
    To my credit, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do for the border, then my friend Verna suggested making a skinny dark blue inside of the purple I already added to the quilt.  Wonderful!  Except I only have about 8 inches of the purple outer fabric left and I’m not sure I can find any more of it.  If that’s the case I’ll have to figure out another border treatment.  But hey, it wasn’t for lack of trying!  Overall, I used up 2 1/2 yards of fabric for the interior…yay!!
  2. After demonstrating the technique to my friend, Verna, I cut this entire stack of 10” squares from my stash to make more 10 Minute Blocks! pink-green-fabricstack

    I am hoping Verna will want to practice the technique on my already-cut fabric, which will result in at least one, probably two, more quilts!  I’m thinking I can donate the results to the women’s shelter in town.
  3. I cut this much of a black and silver (yes, Lola, SILVER!) Irish Chain quilt whose fate isBlk-Silver-stack yet to be determined.  I worked it up in EQ7 and it’s lovely!

    I even started making some of the 9 patch blocks…

  4. Cut and sewed the blocks for a twin sized quilt pattern called Cotton Candy that I’ve had my eye on since Quilt Magazine came out with its December/January 2011 issue! 

    pink-flannel-layout-previewI woke up this morning and, knowing it was my last day of a long Christmas break before going back to work, I jumped out of bed, grabbed a cup of coffee and started sewing the last of the blocks for this quilt.

    I got it laid out before DH and I went to run errands…one of which was to get the border, as I didn’t have enough of one color in my stash to complete the project.  I might move a block or two around, but I’m rather liking this one!

    And…because I changed up the layout, I have quite a few blockspink-flannel-leftover-blocks left over! I see a second Cotton Candy quilt in my future…
    Vacation is over so, now, I better buckle down and get some “real” work done!

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