Sunday, February 12, 2012

T-shirt Quilt

Mix106-t-shirt-quilt1Last weekend I worked on a customer's first quilting project, a T-shirt quilt.  Her mom brought it to me and said they weren’t sure how to finish it.  It's about 50" X 50" and is really cute; she made it out of her company shirts.
The biggest problem was that she had not stabilized any of the T-shirts.  They were simply cut out to show the logo and sewn Mix106-t-shirt-quilt3together, and then she added some raw edge applique patches in some of the open areas.  She sure took on a challenge for her first project using those stretchy fabrics! has a great tutorial on how to make a T-shirt quilt, and well worth signing up for the site.
Because the fabric wasn't stabilized, and therefore the seams weren't flat, I decided that a double layer of high loft polyester batting would probably help the situation....and I was right!  OK, Mix106-t-shirt-quilt2maybe 2 layers was a bit overkill, but I had absolutely no tension issues!!  :-)
The initial design objective was an overall meander, but as I was working, I thought that a bit of highlighting was called for so I outlined the patches and logos.  Overall, I'm very pleased with how it has turned out.

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