Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tennis elbow

I over did it Tuesday.

I used up Mom's 2 gallons of latex waterproofing masonry paint on her basement walls that she's had sitting around for who-knows-how-long, and it took me 3 hours, instead of the 2 hours I had planned.

Oh, that was just the painting part, that didn't count the time it took to take the cans back to the paint store to get shaken up again.  And even then, when I opened the cans a couple hours later (I had to get lunch first) the latex had settled into goop at the bottom again and I still had to re-integrate it into the soup at the top.

I just couldn't see her doing this, she has arthritis in her wrists and hands, and that's part of why it has been a project sitting there waiting for so long.

Now, MY wrist, forearm, elbow, and even my tricep are hurting!  Iced right away, of course, took some Aleve and rested it for most of yesterday.  More Aleve, more ice, more rest and it's feeling better.

So, I got half of my Turning Twenty Again blocks sewn together last night after we went out for dinner.  I'll get the rest of them together today and square them up.  I'm trying to get them all done while I'm still here at Mom's, using her sewing machine and quarter inch foot so I can keep my seams consistent.  Even if I don't get the top together, getting the blocks done will make me (somewhat) happy.  Although, I'd much rather have a quilt to put on the frame when I get back home.

Tomorrow we'll be at a couple of doctor's appointments, she'll be glad to get the bandage on her foot replaced.  And I'll take along my wall hanging projects and finish putting the binding in place while she gets worked on.  A win-win situation, if I ever saw one.

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