Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sewing Machine Farm

A friend of mine recently asked me if I’m starting a sewing machine farm.  Umm…yeah!

DSCF6425I got this Necchi Supernova BU last week, including the cabinet…for $50!!  This is one of the smoothest, quietest machines I’ve ever used!  I’ve heard it said that using this machine is like driving a Ferrari, and I can see why.DSCF6444

Notice that throat plate?  It’s round and rotates in place so you can change according to your project; no need for separate plates!

The sewing machine folds down into the cabinet when not in use.  The cabinet has a mechanism that helps lift the machine up out of the lying position, making it almost effortless to lift the machine.

DSCF6449I’m still playing around with the tension, though, it’s not as perfect as I’d like.  It seems very touchy to any adjustment I make, which indicates to me that I probably have it threaded incorrectly or am missing some obvious, but vital, step.  I need to try a couple more adjustments before I’d take it to an experienced sewing machine repairman for service, but I think it will ultimately stitch to my satisfaction.

This is a high shank machine and uses cams for decorative stitching.  It came with the Necchi-buttonhole-cambuttonhole cam, which, strangely, has the handle permanently attached.  I picked up some generic high shank feet on Saturday and now I’m on the lookout for additional decorative cams.


I’ve never seen a check spring shaped with room for two threads, but this one has it, probably to accommodate using a twin needle.

The eye of the needle faces left so it’s threaded from left DSCF6447to right.

At this point I’m literally out of places to put new machines…that come with cabinets, anyway!

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