Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reboot Your…Plane?

I am visiting my brother in New Hampshire this week and it’s a two plane trip from Boise, with a layover in Chicago.

While we are sitting on the tarmac in Boise, the pilot comes onto the loudspeaker to tell us why we haven’t taken off yet.  Turns out that there’s a small electrical problem and the mechanics have asked them to turn off the plane and then turn it back on to reset the electrical panel.  In other words, they rebooted the plane!  Good thing they didn’t make that request while we were flying!!


Marjorie said...

Are you stopping at Keepsake Quilting on the North Shore of Lake Winnipesuakee?

Connie (CJ) Griffin said...

Hi Marjorie,

That was one place I would have liked to go, but it's a short trip; I'll be leaving here tomorrow morning. My brother ended having an unexpected appointment this morning, so didn't get to go much further north than Manchester. Darn it!!


Marian Drain said...

Rebooting a plane....That's a good one!! Get your ticket booked. Really looking forward to seeing you again.

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