Thursday, May 14, 2009

Animals in the Park

Animals in the parkI've been so busy quilting and trying to keep up with the normal life events that I have hardly gotten the pictures off my camera.  I've been dying to get some time to post some of my progress!

This one was done at the end of  April.  It's another baby quilt for my guild.  The top was donated, it has a mitered corner border applied around the outside of the panel.

I just loved the print, it called out "pink" to me, so I quilted it with Superior's Rainbows thread, both top and bottom.  It's a variegated thread, and has a slight sheen to it, and I had to use one of the thread bras to keep the thread from puddling off the cone while I was quilting it.  But it really came out nice, and I didn't have any problems with the tension once I got it set.  closeup of meandering quilting I put a very bright pink flannel back on it, and even reduced my stash in the process!  That's what a stash is for, I guess!closeup of pink flannel


Zarina said...

Hi - I'm from the group and putting you in my Google reader list. I just love all the panels you are using. I am one of those that do not like to use floral fabric.

Anonymous said...

oops you really don't like floral fabric...

Entertainment at one stop

Connie (CJ) Griffin said...

Actually, Britney, I love florals.

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