Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sampler Quilt – Class #1 Progress

Saturday was the first day of teaching my Sampler Class.  It was a never ending comedy of errors, definitely a learning experience!

I found that because I had concentrated on providing samples and activities for later in this series of classes that I started to think that I needed different samples to assist with the main presentation.  I started to work on those samples at 9 AM with the goal of being at the facility at 1 PM.  What I failed to remember is that I had planned to use the sampler quilt that I had previously made for this part of the presentation.  It was only later, during the class presentation that I realized my completed quilt would have worked perfectly and that I had stressed out for nothing.

We had some great conversation about color, color value, the grain of fabric and how to cut it, and definitions of fat quarters and what they are used for (lots of variations in your quilt!)

We started with the Roman Block:


Then, because it used the same strips as the Roman block, we progressed to the Log Cabin:


And, having practiced matching points and cutting, we moved to the 9 Patch:


These are not my usual colors, but they fit my living room, so I thought I’d give it a try.  Next weekend we are going to work on half square triangles.  Woohoo!

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