Friday, July 10, 2009

Golf, anyone?

Last weekend my DH and I played our first round of golf.  We have each taken lessons before, hubby most recently as I had hurt my back when the lessons were scheduled, but we had never played an actual round.

We went with another couple who knows the ropes, and we had a blast.  I even told DH that I could see upgrading my thrift store clubs to a bare bones set from the sports store.  Given that I don’t know what I really want in a set of clubs, I eventually settled on upgrading the driver, as the rest of the clubs really aren’t so bad.

The downside is that I hurt my right arm so much so that the inside of my forearm was swollen for almost a week.  Being right handed, this was a bit of a problem, but I was still able to move the quilting machine around.

Tonight, I went to hit a bucket of balls, and on the first swing, I re-injured my arm.  So much for taking it easy!  But I’ll tell you, I eventually got that new driver to work for me:  I was able to hit over 100 yards!

Tomorrow…finishing my customer quilt.  Once she picks them up, I can post pictures of all three.  I can’t wait for her to see them!

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britney said...

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